Who Is The HBK Gang?

The first time I ever heard about this group of young men was through a group of close friends, one being my best friend and fellow group member. He took me to one of his friend’s house, “the studio,” where everyone would come record their songs and also make beats. My first time being at the studio I witnessed my best friend, HBK CJ, rap for the first time. I also became friends with the man who helped mix their music, Chief. After my first visit I went back and met a few more of the guys, Su, P-Lo, Skipper and Rance, who are all making a name for themselves. So who/what exactly is the HBK Gang.

The HBK Gang, which stands for “The Heartbreak Kids,” are a group of friends who met in high school. It consist of rappers and one singer, Rossi. But the most well-known member of the “gang” is Iamsu, who produced and was featured on the chorus and first verse for the hit song, “Up” by LoveRance ft. HBK Skipper.

Iamsu has also got to work with the likes of Bay Area Artist E-40 and Problem. Fellow group member P-LO, who also as a producer alongside Iamsu, also got a major opportunity. On Sept. 8th he posted a picture to his instagram of himself, Iamsu, Problem (another Bay Area artist) and Wiz Khalifa during the famous “Air Chair” pose.

He later revealed that he just produced a song for Wiz Khalifah called “Bout Me” ft Iamsu and Problem. The HBK Gang are quickly finding their way into the lime-light. Iamsu has had the opportunity to work with and produce for legit music artist and have been approached by many labels, including 50cent’s G-Unit Records. He is constantly working on mixtapes, which also features his fellow HBK Gang members. HBK P-Lo will get the opportunity to get his name out worldwide by producing, which seems to be a hit song for Wiz Khalifa. There’s no telling what the rest of this crew can do.

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