Lil B Tries Out For the D-Leauge

On Sunday, October 14, The Golden State Warriors held tryouts for their D-League team, the Santa Cruz Warriors. A few months back Bay Area rapper, Lil B aka the Based God, also known for being in the group The Pack, took to his twitter to let his fans know he would be trying out for the Golden State Warriors. Now when Lil B posted this to his twitter I automatically assumed he was joking around. After all he is a pretty weird guy. He went from rapping with a cool Berkeley group, to calling himself the based god, saying nonsense in his songs like, “I’m Paris Hilton, I’m Paris Hilton” when clearly he is not Paris Hilton, and wearing women’s earrings.

To my surprise Lil B actually went out and tried out for the team and there’s footage to prove it. The television station KSBW was there to capture what was going down on the court and spent some time talking to Lil B. While speaking to the anchor Lil B said he’s “Just putting my skills to the test, supporting Bay Area teams, and, you know, spreading my love.” Scouts plan on taking two to five players from Sunday’s tryouts. I wonder if the Based God will make it on the team and if he does will he have the time to bless us with lyrics like “Where’s Paris Hilton? She can sue me cause I’m worth a million I’m Paris Hilton, home at the Hilton I’m out driving drunk I look like Paris Hilton.” If not his crazed fans may start a riot.

Click Here For Video

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